House with No Steps Raffle #39

House with No Steps #39

$20,000 in cash

$20,000 in CASH Plus $5,000 Bonus draw

Closing Date

25 Feb. 2019

6 pm AEST

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Draw Date

27 Feb. 2019

2 pm AEST

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Can you imagine using $20,000 to take that dream holiday?

Enter the House with No Steps Raffle and support us to provide services that empower people with a disability achieve everything they’re capable of and live happier lives. 

As well as showing people with a disability how much you care, you’d be giving yourself the chance to win $20,000 in Cash – Can you imagine the places you could explore with $20,000? PLUS as a reward for your prompt payment, each of your paid tickets will receive an entry in our bonus draw where one lucky person will win $5,000 in cash.

Read the inspiring story below about Alex, you can assist by purchasing tickets in our raffle.

Alex's story

Alex has always dreamed of becoming a palaeontologist. However, until recently, he didn’t believe something that wonderful could really happen to him.
Alex has both Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Noises, lights and movement of everyday life can overwhelm him. Even a quick trip to the supermarket used to leave him trembling, and making friends felt like climbing a mountain.

“Finding out Alex has Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was heartbreaking at first, but then it was such a relief to find out what was causing his behaviour and to figure out ways to help him,” said Amanda, Alex’s mum.

Alex and his family started working with House with No Steps’ early childhood specialists in 2007. It was at this time that Short Term Accommodation and Assistance was suggested to give the family extra support.
“We initially hesitated – it was hard to spend so much time doing everything yourself and then hand it over to somebody else.

“House with No Steps’ respite care has been a life changing thing for all of us. With the support of staff, Alex has challenged himself. He’s made new friends and enjoys taking part in group activities – all within a safe and happy environment.

“With respite, my husband, Sean, and I get time to be Sean and Amanda, not just mum and dad. We can recharge,” said Amanda.

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Inclusive communities which respect, value and empower all people with a disability.

We help people with a disability live a great life.

Empowerment, Respect, Inclusion, Commitment, Achievement

Who is House with No Steps?

As one of Australia’s leading disability service providers, House with No Steps is dedicated to giving people with a disability control, and freedom – empowering them to live life on their own terms across NSW, QLD, and the ACT.

Giving people with a disability a fair go​

Established in 1962 by Lionel Watts, CMG, MBE, House with No Steps has been supporting people with a disability for over 50 years. The disability sector has changed a lot in this time, but our focus has remained the same: enabling people with a disability to realise their personal aspirations and goals. 

As well as making a difference to people’s lives, we are making a difference on a broader scale too. At House with No Steps we’ve always believed in challenging the status quo to create a society that’s fairer and more inclusive for people with disabilities. Relentless in our pursuit of inclusion and equality, we’re committed to ensuring people with a disability are given the respect and opportunities they deserve. 

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